Abacus Mangue Terp’s (Indoor)
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Abacus Mangue Terp’s (Indoor)

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A variety that has been carefully selected in order to have an exceptional product. The earthy terpene of our Abacus with a tropical mango / papaya scent. A clear orange-green appearance that shines as it should for a one-way trip under the Martinique sun. It reminds us of the legendary landrace Zamal Mangue Karot from Réunion.

Its taste plunges you into a tropical cocktail that comes close to the acidity of papaya and the sweetness of mango. In short, as always, it is ...#LaCrèmeDeLaCrème

Taste: Fruity / Earthy
Appearance: Light green ,medium buds
Smell: Mango,Papaya ,Earthy Abacus


Mom (Mango Kush x Papaya) x Dad (Abacus)
Selected by High Sticky Crew
40% indica 60% sativa
0,41%thc approx.
12.10%cbd approx.

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