4) Different Ways to Roll a Joint!

April 08, 2024 7 min read

Different facon de rouler cannabis

How to roll a special joint ?

Project tools : Creating a beautiful joint is an art, and every artist needs the right tools. Here's what you'll need to get started :

  1. Rolling Papers: There are many types of rolling papers to choose from. See page 4 for ideas.
  2. Filters or Tips: To roll some of these joints, you will need stiff cardboard or filter paper to create a backing. Filter paper can also be used to create a tip or mouthpiece for your joint. For a smooth smoke, opt for a bag of 100% natural pre-made filters..
  3. Pusher (tamper): You'll need this tool to create a tight seal that burns evenly.
  4. Grinder: We recommend a quality grinder.
  5. Rolling tray: The trays are equipped with clever features to make the joint rolling process easier. They also reduce waste by collecting any loose grass.
  6. Scissors, knife and needle: A small sharp knife or pair of craft scissors will do the trick. You will also need a sewing needle to roll the seams crosswise.
  7. DIY rolling glue: If you think cutting strips of glue from rolling papers is wasteful, try this rolling glue recipe. Combine 1½ teaspoons of pectin with 30ML of water and apply with a fine painter's brush.
  8. Lighter
  9. Thread and tape: Use basic sewing thread to hold your joint components in place while you work. A roll of masking tape or duct tape will also come in handy. With these essential elements in your toolbox, you are well on your way to becoming a riding aficionado.

Rolling papers : Remember the old days when your friends would send you to the store to buy rolling papers and tell you to come back with the blue ones? Those days are over. There's Now a World of Rolling Papers to Enhance Your Cannabis Experience.

  • The unavoidable : You can't go wrong with 100% natural, unbleached rolling papers from "La Crème De La Crème". These faithful companions will do the trick for most of the joints presented in this manual.
  • The connoisseur's choice : RAW rolling papers are plant-based and contain no added chalk or coloring. The "High Sticky Crew" staff calls RAW "the connoisseur's rolling paper," because people who love rolling joints inevitably love RAW papers.
  • Go banana : You can't get more natural than the actual organic banana leaves used to create Million Bananas Wraps. These leaves burn slow and steady with a delicious and unique taste.
  • 24k Gold Paper : For special occasions, why not smoke gold (LOL)? The 24 carat gold “Shine” are handcrafted with the best edible gold; These rolling papers are made with a hemp base for the smoothest combustion. Add a touch of luxury to your smoking experience.

The Classic Double or the Old School

What’s needed: a filter or tip and “LaCrèmeDeLaCrème” cannabis rolling paper

1) Glue two papers together vertically using a strip of glue so that they line up as one long paper.

2) Place your filter and your Stick Crew crushed herb on the paper.

3) Roll the joint, seal the edge, and wrap the end so you don't lose fuel.

The Blunt or the American

What’s needed : Filter or Glass Tip and Cigar Paper

1) Lightly moisten the empty tobacco paper to make it easier to work with.

2) Place your filter and ground weed on the paper.

3) Once you have filled and shaped your blunt, fold the paper over itself and moisten the inside of the exposed edge from end to end. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles. Don't be shy just lick so it sticks enough.

4) “Bake” your blunt by running a lighter flame along the entire length of the seam and around the outside to seal everything. Then turn on and enjoy and spin the "chronic".

The Passe-partout or the Russian joint

What’s needed : Filter paper, cigarette with filter (tobacco removed), Adhesive strip, Cannabis rolling papers

1) Glue two papers together to form a square with an adhesive strip along one side.

2) Take a cigarette and remove the filter by squeezing it at its base and rotating it between your finger and thumb. At some point enough of the filter will appear for you to remove it.

3) Replace the cigarette filter with a paper tip of the same size and shape.

4) Cut the cigarette in half as neatly as possible, about 1cm from the paper tip.

5) Prepare enough mixture to replace the tobacco that was cut and add it to the papers.

6) Roll the joint with the fake cigarette filter protruding from the end.

7) You may need to secure the fake filter with tape. Then light and enjoy.

Thai Stick Blunt

What’s needed : Bamboo stick, Undried cannabis leaves, Resin

1) First, find or make yourself a Thai Stick (Bud densely tied around a bamboo stick). To create one, coat a stick with cannabis resin oil and apply ground cannabis all around it. Next, take a piece of string and tie it securely around the cannabis, keeping the cannabis compact. Leave to dry for a week.

2) Wrap the coated stick with small, undried leaves, making sure to remove the stems.

3) Secure the leaves with wire and cover them with more liquid resin. Leave to dry in a dark, dry, warm place for a day or two.

4) Remove the thread and repeat the entire process. Use larger and larger leaves until the cigar is large enough.

5) Use large leaves to seal the cigar and secure it with more wire.

6) Leave the cigar to dry in a dark, dry and temperate place. In two to three weeks it should be ready to smoke.

7) When drying is complete, remove the wire and carefully remove the bamboo stick from inside the cigar to create a smoke channel. Store your cigar in an airtight, dry container until you are ready to smoke it.

The Plane

What’s needed : Filter Paper, King Size and Small Size Cannabis Rolling Papers, Glue Strips

1) Start by rolling two joints: a large joint (about the diameter of a Sharpie marker) with a filter, and a thin joint without a filter.

2) Use a sewing needle to poke a hole through the large joint, about 3cm from its end. Turn the needle to gently widen the hole until it is almost large enough to accommodate the thin joint.

3) Then start to gently insert the thin joint through the hole in the large joint “mmmmhhh this tutorial is starting to get interesting”....

4) When your thin seam is about ⅓ of the way through, use the sewing needle to poke a hole through it. Once the two seals are aligned, this second hole will allow you to pull air through the end of the large seal. Keep the hole small (about twice the diameter of the needle). Then finish inserting the thin joint into the thick joint.

5) The two joints must fit together perfectly. Seal the intersection with strips of glue. To use the Cross-Roads, light the ends and enjoy three-way smoke.

The Squid

What’s needed : Filter paper, rolling papers, Glue strips

1) Roll three joints. Use filter paper or rolling papers to create a filter long enough to wrap around all three joints.

2) Wrap the filter around the three joints, and use the glue strips to hold it together.

3) Gently braid the joints around each other, pinching them together with your fingers.

4) Wrap a strip of glue around the ends of the three joints to hold them together. You can also wrap a strip of glue around the middle of the braid to hold the joints together while they burn.

The Tulip

What’s needed : Filter paper, rolling papers

1) Make a holder by rolling filter paper to create a tube the length and diameter of a thick pencil. Seal it with glue strips or tape.

2) Take two more large pieces of paper and glue them together to form a square with a strip of glue along one side.

3) Fold corner A over corner B to form a triangle, leaving the glue strip uncovered.

4) Wet the strip and fold it to seal the triangle. You should have something that looks like a flattened paper cone.

5) Open the cone and fill it firmly with the mixture.

6) Pinch together the paper at the open end of the cone, then place the filter paper holder in the center of the cone.

7) Secure the bracket by wrapping a wire around the pinched end of the cone and tightening it as tightly as possible. Then turn on and enjoy! “The more you smoke, the more smoke you get”.

The Triangle

What’s needed : Filter paper, rolling papers, glue strips

1) Roll a thick, straight, strong joint with a filter and cut it in half.

2) Roll two joints without filters, and make them slightly thinner than the first.

3) Use a little less mixture in the center so they are easier to fold.

4) Trim the excess paper to leave a flat edge that is aligned with the mixture.

5) Join the two identical gaskets to the segment of the first gasket containing the filter or tip. Bandage it using a few strips of glue - it should be stiff and secure.

6) Bend the two smaller joints in the center until they come together to form a diamond shape.

The Tree

What’s needed : Piece of cardboard measuring 10 x 10 cm, filter paper, rolling papers

1) Roll a cone from a 10 x 10 cm piece of cardboard. Secure it with tape and cut the end to form a perfect cone.

2) Seal the cone with large papers. Leave 3 cm of excess paper at the end.

3) Make four cross cuts around the end of the cone.

4) Pinch together the excess paper at the end of the cardboard seal and seal it with thread or tape.

5) Roll four joints and insert them into the cross cuts. Enjoy a four-way smoke of quixotic proportions. Don't burn the cone holder - you may want to use it again.

The Molecule

What’s needed : High quality cannabis rolling papers (#LaCrèmeDeLaCrème, adhesive strips or glue for homemade rolling and rolling papers, filter paper)

1) Roll three joints to form the Delta 9 triangle and two smaller ones to form your molecule.

2) Carefully fold the smaller joint to help form the new one.

3) Cut the connection points at the 6 locations indicated so that the points line up.

4) Cut 13 strips from your papers for repair strips, or you can use homemade rolling glue to help glue larger strips of papers.

5) Connect all the pieces together with additional adhesive strips. It is very important to ensure that there are no air leaks, which will affect the smokability of the molecule.

6) Attach a tip to the bottom left corner using the cut adhesive paper.

Give yourself a pat on the back for rolling these expert-level joints. Share your successes on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #highstickycrew or tag us, and let our admiration take you to new heights. Take advantage!

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