We differentiate ourselves mainly thanks to our knowledge in 100% organic indoor cannabis cultivation and our rigorous selection of varieties. Our CBD flowers are distinguished by their strong tastes and pleasant smells. #Natural #Sustainability #Quality/Price
Our organizational excellence guarantees fast shipping. Orders are shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays, avoiding weekend delays. For optimal efficiency, we advise you to limit your orders to 30 g.
The white color of your ashes and the authentic taste are indicators of naturalness. By 2024, we will provide laboratory tests to attest to this purity.
Thanks to our active presence by email and on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Socials, Twitter), we respond almost instantly to your concerns.
According to the legislation yes, Switzerland is not part of the European Union, a tax of 10% may be charged to your order. However, according to our experience, almost all packages are exempt from tax or a minimum rate of 5-10 euros upon receipt may be requested.
All our products guarantee impeccable taste intensity #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème. Base your choice on the growing style, our taste descriptions, the percentage of molecules, and our additional information. The authentic names of our genetics are kept out of respect for the breeders, so we do not give names like, White Widow CBD, Super Silver Haze CBD, Gorilla Glue CBD, Amnesia CBD, Wedding Cake CBD…etc.
A selection over several years and know-how has allowed us to acquire rare CBD seeds, offering high cannabinoid potential, making these varieties particularly appreciated.
When finalizing your order, you can choose the insurance adapted to the value of your basket.
Via the tracking number which will be provided to you by email when finalizing your order. This number will guarantee you complete traceability in real time.
As a tobacco substitute, to help against insomnia problems, helps to combat muscle pain, to fight against addictions.
No, CBD does not generate any addiction, neither physical nor mental.