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High Sticky Crew is much more than a top-notch cannabis cultivator. Music, especially rap, runs through our veins. Our mission: to merge these two passions to create something grandiose.

Sticky Crew Records embodies this vision. We seek to revitalize rap, to recall these voices that have punctuated our years and to introduce the artists who, in our opinion, carry and propagate our essence. Our label is dedicated to creation – freestyles, featurings, compilations, clips – while remaining faithful to impeccable quality. #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème.

Our commitment is clear: Sticky Crew Records is there for artists, for their growth and not for financial gain. As our collective grows, discover the talents that represent us today.


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Ruste Juxx - Freestyle High Sticky Crew #1 (Prod. Kyo Itachi)

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