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Grödash aka Mr Shizzle grew up in the Congo, which he left following the civil war of 1994. He landed in the city of Ulis (91), a real breeding ground for talents, including him who is one of the legends of Ulis.

Together with Fik’s and Sinik, he founded the Amalgam group which subsequently developed into Ul’team Atom within the Los Monzas collective. With the group, Grödash went on mixtapes, maxis and the album "The Angels Weep", in 2004. The lonely escape took place in 2006 when the artist released "Illegal Muzik". In 2010 he created the Flymen Vision label #FMV then unveiled a double album entitled “ENFANT SOLDAT” and joined the tour of the mythical group Assassin “Les Enfants du Siècle” The rapper Booba invited him to his project “Autopsy vol.4” with the title “Bandana Muzik”. 2014 Grödash releases its 4th album “Bandana & amp; Purple Haze ”from which will be extracted the title“ Nobody ”in feat with Oxmo Puccino broadcast in radio playlist & amp; Tv. Grödash creates a rich and eclectic artistic universe that infuses it with formidable energy on stage.

A nice journey which is far from over, it is coming back in force with lyrics which are sincere and which will touch all French rap purists. High Sticky Crew thanks their interest and support for our brand.


- Grödash vs Mr. Shizzle vol.1 + 2 (2005)

- Ilegal Musik (2006)

- Des Halls vol.1  10 Piges d’avance (2008)

- La vie de rêve (2008)

- Enfant soldat (2011)

- Bandana Purple Haze (2014)

- Eternel (2018)

- Best collab (2019)

-International Mc (2020)

- Ghetto literature EP (2021)

Favorite punchline
Raise your hand if your hall smells of weed

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