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Onyx is an American hip-hop group from South Jamaica, Queens, New York. The group consists of Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr and Sonsee (formerly Suavé and Sonee Seeza). Former Big DS member (Marlon Fletcher) left the band for a solo career, and later died of complications from cancer… Peace to his soul…

The group formed in 1988 and released their very first extended play-vinyl, Ah, And We Do It Like This, in 1990. The music reveals a strong jazz influence, much more than their last compositions to date. In 1991, Onyx presented a demo at Jam Master Jay at Def Jam, but Big DS and Sonee Seeza (later known as Suavé) were in Connecticut at the same time, so Fredro Starr called on his cousin. Sticky Fingaz (who was living in Brooklyn at the time). Once Sticky Fingaz included in the group, the latter marketed the title Throw Ya Gunz in 1992.


Subsequently, Onyx signs with Def Jam and a future LP is being recorded, titled Bacdafucup. The album met with huge commercial success, was broadcast on radio and on MTV for the single Slam. Onyx also performed with Biohazard on the track Judgment Night, featured on the homonymous album. Onyx was also well received and received the title of "Album of the Year" by Soul Train. In 1995, Onyx released their second album, All We Got Iz Us. The album, which had less commercial success, was nevertheless well received by general opinion. In August 2008, in a VIBE article, All We Got Iz Us was listed as the best hip-hop music composed in 1995 by fans. The band members take a break from music and appear in films such as Clockers, Sunset Park, and Sacrificed Generation. Onyx returned in 1998 for their third album, Shut 'Em Down, involving DMX, Lost Boyz, Raekwon, Method Man, Big Pun, Noreaga and the future 50 Cent. This album is well received by general opinion. Following their breach of contract with Def Jam, the group returned in 2002 with Bacdafucup Part II and Sa'ad Part 4 released to the Koch Records label, followed by Triggernometry in 2003 at D3 Entertainment.


  • 1993: Bacdafucup
  • 1995: All We Got Iz Us
  • 1998: Shut 'Em Down
  • 2002: Bacdafucup II
  • 2003: Triggernometry
  • 2008: Cold Case Files Murda Investigation
  • 2014: Wakedafucup
  • 2017: Shotgunz in Hell (with Dope D.O.D.)

Fredro Starr

Fredro Starr, whose real name is Fredro Scruggs, born April 18, 1971 in Queens, New York, is an American rapper and actor. He is best known as a member of the Onyx group.

Born April 18, 1971 in Queens, New York 1. Starr is the cousin of Sticky Fingaz, also a member of the Onyx group.

After being discovered by Run-DMC, then Jam Master Jay. Fredro Starr participates in six albums with Onyx. He also contributes to songs by Sunset Park, Light It Up and Save the Last Dance. Onyx signed to Def Jam after making Shut 'Em Down in 1998. The group temporarily split up, while Starr released his first solo album, Firestarr, in 2001. The following year, Onyx reformed and produced Bacdafucup Part II. Starr's second album, Don't Get Mad Get Money, was released in 2003. In 2006, he formed a new band called Yung Onyx.

In 2011, he and Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony reported working on an EP called Fire Squad. On May 13, 2013, Starr released his first mixtape and first solo project in ten years, titled Live 4ever Die 2day. On October 17, 2013, Fredro Starr revealed that he was about to sign with Death Row Records. On December 25, 2013, Starr and producer The Audible Doctor released their collaborative album Made In the Streets. On November 26, 2013, Starr released his first single from his upcoming album The Firestarr 2 titled What If 2. On January 8, 2014, he released the official video for the single.

Acting career

Starr made his acting debut in the 1993 Forest Whitaker drama film Strapped. He appeared in other films such as Clockers, The Addiction, Sunset Park, Ride, Light It Up and Save the Last Dance. On television, Starr has a recurring role in the Moesha series as the main character's fiancé. He appears in three episodes of The Wire series as Marquis "Bird" Hilton.

Starr has also appeared in the following series: New York Police Blues, New York, Criminal Investigation, Blade (in which Sticky Fingaz, an Onyx member, plays the title role, Blade), and Promised Land. He also played the role of Ricky Gannon in CSI: Miami in the episode Bodies in Distress (season 7, episode 14).

He also appears in New York Undercover in the episode titled Student Affairs (season 2, episode 7).


  • 2001: Firestarr
  • 2003: Don't Get Mad Get Money
  • 2014: Made In The Streets (with The Audible Doctor)
  • 2015: Firestarr 2



  • 1990: Law and order
  • 1993: strapped
  • 1995: The Addiction
  • 1995: Clockers
  • 1996: Sunset Park
  • 1998: Ride
  • 1999: Black and White
  • 1999: Light it Up
  • 2001: Save the Last Dance
  • 2001: Commitments
  • 2004: Torque
  • 2006: Forbiddden Fruits
  • 2009: A Day in The Life
  • 2009: Big Pun: The Legacy
  • 2012: Promise Land
  • 2013: Deceitful
  • 2015: Here Come The Sun
  • 2017: The fearless One
  • 2019: American Rap Stars 2
  • 2020: Equal Standar


  • 1993: NYPD Blue
  • 1995: New York Undercover
  • 1996: Moesha
  • 1996: Dagerous Minds
  • 2002: The wire
  • 2002: CSI Miami
  • 2006: Blade

Sticky Fingaz

Sticky Fingaz, real name Kirk Jones, born November 3, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York, is an American rapper and actor. He is a member of the rap group Onyx.

Kirk was born on November 3, 1973 in the New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. Young, Kirk meets from his earliest childhood concerns with the justice system about drugs and prostitutes, which will take him to prison three times. Jones began his musical career playing with his cousin Fredro Starr, and the duo were later discovered by legendary rapper Jam Master Jay. Soon after, they formed the group Onyx in 1992, and released their first album, Bacdafucup in 1991. The album was a general success in part thanks to the vocal style of Sticky Fingaz. The group produced two more albums, then Fingaz decided to leave Onyx to launch a solo musical career, as well as an acting career.

Sticky Fingaz released their first solo album, Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones, on November 21, 2000. The album tells the story of Kirk Jones, who finds himself trapped in a criminal life. The album reached 44th place on the 2004 Billboard. It follows his second album titled Decade "... But Wait It Gets Worse" released April 29, 2003 on the D3 Entertainment label and which reached 176th place on the 2006 Billboard. subsequently to an advertisement for the video game Def Jam: Fight for NY published in September 2004.

On August 18, 2009, Sticky Fingaz released their third album, A Day in the Life: The Soundtrack.

Acting career

As an actor, he is best known for his role as Blade in the eponymous television series.

He plays the role of a drug dealer named Scientist in Spike Lee's 1995 movie Clockers. He played a gang leader in The Shield. He also plays in the film Casaway, alongside Boris Kodjoe, in which he plays the inmate nicknamed "Mathematics" in the prison of the same name. He was also seen alongside Warwick Davis in the sixth and final installment of the Leprechaun saga.

In 2005, he played the role of Maurice "Smoke" Williams in the television series Over There.


Studio albums

  • 2001: Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones
  • 2003: Decade: "... But Wait It Gets Worse"
  • 2009: A Day in the Life: The Soundtrack


  • 2010: God of the Underground


  • 2000: Get It Up
  • 2003: Can't Call It



  • 1995: Spike Lee Clockers: Scientist, drug dealer
  • 1995: Generation sacrificed: Martin
  • 1998: Ride: Brotha X
  • 1998: The New Yorker: Harlem Homeboy
  • 1999: Love Goggles: Jason
  • 1999: Gangsta Cop: Ozzie
  • 1999: Game Day: Willie
  • 2000: The Playaz Court: T-Bone
  • 2000: Steve Carr's Next Friday: Tyrone
  • 2000: Lockdown: Broadway
  • 2000: The Price of Air: D
  • 2001: Lift: Quik
  • 2001: MacArthur Park: E-Max
  • 2002: L.A.X. : Leon
  • 2002: Reality Check: Brock
  • 2003: Hot Parts: Toby
  • 2003: Malibooty! : Raymond
  • 2003: Ride or Die: Demise
  • 2003: Leprechaun 6: The Return: Cedric
  • 2004: Gas: Craig
  • 2004: Casaway (Doing Hard Time): Eddie Mathematic
  • 2004: Flight of the Phoenix: Jeremy
  • 2004: True Vinyl: Power Z
  • 2008: Nite Tales: The Movie: Dice
  • 2008: Dough Boys by Nicholas Harvell: Deuce
  • 2009: A Day in the Life: Sticky
  • 2009: Karma, Confessions and Holi: Rich Smooth
  • 2009: Breaking Point by Jeff Celentano: Richard Allen
  • 2009: Steppin: The Movie: Cedric
  • 2010: Blonde Movie (Hard Breakers) by Leah Sturgis: Shay
  • 2010: Once Fallen: Leshaun
  • 2010: Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed: Kevin
  • 2011: Speed ​​Demons by Dan Garcia: Wade
  • 2011: T.A. Williams Fanaddict: Alex
  • 2012: Changing the Game: Craig
  • 2013: Brooklyn Knight: Knight
  • 2013: Motel: Lizard
  • 2013: Caught on Tape: Mark
  • 2014: The Dead Sea: Sergeant Brooks


  • 1993: Strapped: A Kid Aligned
  • 1995 and 1997: New York Undercover: Khalil / Assassin
  • 1999: Nash Bridges: Mario Baptiste
  • 1999: The Parkers: 'D' Dwayne
  • 2000: The Fugitive's Law: Shooter
  • 2002: The Thirteenth Dimension: Ricky
  • 2002 - 2006: The Shield: Kern Little
  • 2003: Platinium: Grady Rhames
  • 2005: House of the Dead 2: Dalton
  • 2005: Over There: Pvt. Maurice 'Smoke' Williams
  • 2005 and 2011: CSI: Miami (CSI: Miami): Scott Owens / Leo Kendry
  • 2006: Blade (Blade: The Series): Blade
  • 2007: New York, Criminal Section: Inspector Harry Williams
  • 2007: Tell Me You Love Me: Terrance
  • 2009: The Beast: Caesar
  • 2009: Burn Notice: Félix Cole
  • 2010: NCIS: Los Angeles: Rashad 'Slide' Hollander
  • 2012: NYC 22: Monsta White


  • 2009: A Day in the Life

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