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Ruste Juxx

Ruste Juxxx, whose real name is Victor Evans, is an American rapper from Brooklyn. He also collaborates with the Boot Camp Clik group. Currently considered to be the 9th th member of the legendary group.

Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Victor began his rapping career as Sean Price's protégé. In his early days, he did featurings on Duck Down Records productions. In 1998, he made his first official appearance on the title Magnum Force, taken from the eponymous album of Heltah Skeltah. He also regularly collaborates with Boot Camp Clik.

In 2008, he released his first album, Indestructible, on Duck Down, also produced by Marco Polo and Black Milk. The executive producer is Sean Price. In 2009, he plans a collaborative album called The eXXecution which will feature Black Moon, Sean Price, DJ Revolution and Rockness Monstah

From 2010 he released several albums in collaboration with other artists (Marco Polo, Endemic, Kyo Itachi, The Arcitype, VSTheBest, zealot of fwm) and, in 2013, he created his own label, Blaze My Fire and to projects with Kyo Itachi on creating a band.

Ruste has always wanted to remain independent in order to be free on these projects. He will always remain faithful and sign all these albums with Duck Down Record. Suffice to say that he is a Lyiricist monster who sleeps in the shadows, in 2021 he is still very active with many projects underway.


- Reign of Destruction (2005)

-Indestructible (2008)

-The eXXecution with Marco Polo (2010)

-Adamantine with Endemic (2010)

-Hardbodie Hip Hop with Kyo Itachi (2012)

-V.I.C. with The Arcitype (2012)

-Ready to Juxx with VSTheBest (2013)

-Meteorite with Kyo Itachi (2016)

-International Juxx (2017)

-Jake & amp; The Juxxman with Jake Palumbo (2018)

-King of Crime Heights with Raticus (2018)

-Impervious Alliance with Detin8 (2020)

Favorite punchine:
You know what crime it is

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