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Terms of Service

Introduction High Stick Crew is the only company authorized to sell items connected to its brand, unless a partnership agreement is established in advance. Online sales services are intended for retail sale only. Before confirmation, these general conditions must be fully consulted and irrevocably accepted, and will be considered as such after confirmation of the order form. Article 1. Authorization & Preliminary declarations 1.1 Important information High Sticky Crew does not encourage anyone to break the law in their country. High Sicky Crew cannot be held responsible for the actions of people who purchase our products. We ship our products provided they are not used by others in conflict with applicable local law. Unfortunately, the regulations and enforcement of our products often differ from country to country. For this reason, we urgently advise you to inform yourself about the regulations to which you are subject. It is your responsibility to check with your local laws. As a High Sticky Crew customer, you are prohibited from distributing High Sticky Crew products in countries where possession and / or trafficking is illegal. For your own protection, we ask that you educate yourself and comply with all local laws. international laws governing the purchase of our products in your part of the world. In many countries it is illegal to own our products. By ordering, "you confirm that you have checked local and international law and can do so legally" and that the responsibility for this decision rests with you. 1.2 Buyer's declarations The buyer / customer declares that: He is legally adult He has full legal capacity to use these services He is fully informed that written consent is not necessary to take responsibility for understanding the content of the general conditions and to confirm the order. All information provided on this site by the customer is correct It authorizes the site to communicate with them via the email address provided by the customer. All products purchased are for personal use only Article 2. Definitions The terms for the parties have the following meanings: Order: the product (s) requested by the buyer from the seller; General conditions of online sale &: these general conditions of sale, including the introduction; Delivery times: time between the confirmation of the purchase order and the delivery date of the buyer's purchase order; Shipping charges: the cost of the charges applied by the seller to send the purchase order to the delivery address specified by the customer; Shipping Method: means all standard or express shipping methods available on the site at the time of order; Price: the unique value of a product; this value includes all taxes and excludes all shipping costs; Total price: the total amount of the accumulated prices of the products in the purchase order; this amount includes all taxes; Product: the term designating the product which is for sale on the site; Website: online sales site used by the seller to market his products; The vendor: High Sticky Crew; Online sales: sale of the Seller's products via the Site. Article 3. Purpose The purpose of these general conditions of online sale is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of items marketed on the website. The purchase of an item by the buyer implies full acceptance of these general conditions of online sale, which have been fully taken into account before the order. Article 4. Scope These general conditions of online sale are reserved for the private use of the customer. The main characteristics and prices of products sold electronically are available on the website. These general conditions of online sale apply to all sales of products made by the seller, through the use of the website. These general conditions of online sale apply to orders placed successfully. Article 5. General conditions of online sale of opposition rights The 2 parties acknowledge that their relationship will be exclusively governed by these General Conditions of Online Sale, to the exclusion of all conditions previously available on the Seller's website. High Sticky Crew reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Online Sale at any time by publishing a new version on the Site. The version prevails immediately after posting online. Article 6. Access to the online sales area High Sticky Crew reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close the Site or to access one or more of its many services, such as the online sales area, without notice or liability. Article 7. Order, steps for concluding online sales The Customer must follow a series of steps, specific to each Product offered by the Seller, to place the order. However, the following steps are automatic: Information on the main characteristics of the product; Choice of product, options (if necessary), and retransmission of essential customer data (identification, address, etc.) Acceptance of these general conditions of online sale. Verification of the purchase order and correction of errors if necessary ➢ Follow the payment instructions and the payment of the products. ➢ Shipping of products. The Customer will then receive a payment confirmation by e-mail as well as an acknowledgment of receipt of the order form. The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer, for all products delivered. For the purposes of a purchase order, the customer agrees to provide his true identification. The seller reserves the right to refuse the sale of the purchase order, for example in the event of abnormal demand, orders executed by fraudulent means or for any other legitimate reason. Article 8. Price The price of the products offered for sale on the site is indicated in an appropriate manner by article and reference. All orders must be paid in CHF (Swiss Franc). When confirming the order, the price to be paid is included in the total price. Offers and duration of price confirmation are determined by updating the website. The seller reserves the right to modify the prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced according to the cost indicated when the order is placed. Article 9. Payment terms Customer payment can only be made by credit or debit card or Paypal. Accepted credit or debit cards are mentioned on the website at the time of order. The seller reserves the right to change accepted credit or debit cards at any time. After confirmation of the appropriate data, the transaction is immediately debited to the customer's credit or debit card, after receipt of payment authorization by the company issuing the customer's credit or debit card. In accordance with Swiss law in force, all commitments to pay by credit or debit card are irrevocable. By relaying their credit or debit card information, the customer authorizes the seller to charge their credit or debit card with the amount corresponding to the total price. In this regard, the customer confirms that he is the cardholder to be billed and that the name on the credit or debit card matches that of the customer. The customer relays the sixteen numbers of his credit or debit card and its expiration date, in addition to the security code if necessary. Payment by credit or debit card results in an authorization request, an automatic request to cancel the transaction. All transaction refusals, whatever the cause, result in the cancellation of the purchase order. The banking transaction by credit or debit card, made between the customer and the seller's site, is secure and therefore fully encrypted and protected. Article 10. Delivery of the purchase order 10.1. Shipping method The shipping method is chosen by the customer when confirming the order. 10.2. Delivery address The customer is responsible for specifying and confirming the delivery address. The customer is responsible for shipping errors due to lack of necessary information when ordering. 10.3. Cost of shipping costs Delivery costs depend on the amount of the order and the shipping method chosen, and are subject to confirmation by the customer. 10.4. Inspection of the order upon delivery The customer is responsible for inspecting the condition of the packaging and items within 48 hours of receiving the package. All complaints must be sent by registered mail within 48 hours. Failure to file a complaint outside of the aforementioned period voids any action against the carrier and / or High Sticky Crew. The customer must ensure that the products delivered correspond to the order. In the event of a defect in the nature or quality of the product compared to the specifications mentioned in the delivery note, the customer must inform High Sticky Crew customer service by e-mail to and send the (s) product (s) at the address indicated under the conditions of article 11 below. Article 11. Right of withdrawal In accordance with