cbd cherry crème brûlée
cbd test cherry crème brûlée
Cherry Creme Brulee (Indoor)
Cherry Creme Brulee (Indoor)

Cherry Creme Brulee (Indoor)

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The terpenes in this genetic remind us the Cherry Afghan and the z7 breeded by CBD crew.

A sweet blend of cherry and afghan that will surely satisfy all expectations and will certainly leave you speechless.

Its smoky taste is sweet and very pleasant. Suitable for all types of smokers… #Lacrèmedelecrème

Taste: creamy, fruity
Appearance: medium bud
Smell: Sweet, earthy, basil


Dad (Berry Blossom) x Mom (Dream Tonic)
breeded by H.A.G.
Selected by High Sticky Crew
50% indica 50% sativa
0,65%thc approx.
15.70%cbd approx.

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