9) How many cannabis plants per square meter?

April 08, 2024 2 min read

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How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Grow Per Square Meter

If you are engaged in growing cannabis, determining the appropriate number of plants to grow is crucial. Here are some practical tips to help you determine how many cannabis plants to grow per square meter.

Factors influencing the number of plants per square meter :
Before you start growing indoors, you need to plan carefully. Among the things to consider, the number of cannabis plants you can grow in your grow space is essential.

Several factors determine how many plants you can reasonably grow per square meter, including the size of your growing space, pot size, and type of lights used.

It is recommended to use rectangular growing pots, especially if you plan to grow multiple plants per square meter, to maximize the use of your growing space. Round pots waste valuable space.

Genetics of the cannabis strain :
The first consideration is the type of cannabis you are growing. Sativa strains tend to grow tall, while Indica strains are stockier and bushier. Autoflowering strains are generally small.

Even if you have unlimited space, it is recommended to choose compact varieties for indoor growing. This ensures efficient use of lighting and avoids shade problems between plants of different sizes.

Cultivation technique also plays a crucial role. Compact plants allow you to grow more plants per square meter. You need to decide whether you prefer to grow several small autoflowering plants or a few vigorous hybrid plants.

Taille de l'espace de culture en intérieur:
The size of your growing space determines the number of plants you can grow per square meter. If you are using a grow tent, choose a size appropriate for the strain you are growing and the growing technique you are using.

For example, a 1 x 1 meter tent can generally accommodate a single plant with a trellising technique. The more plants you add, the bigger the tent size you need to make.

Pot size :
Pot size affects both the number of plants per square meter and the final size of the plants. Larger pots generally produce larger plants.

It is recommended to use rectangular pots to maximize the use of growing space. With round pots you risk wasting valuable space.

Here are some recommendations for pot sizes based on the expected size of the plants :

  • 2–3 liters : suitable for plants up to ~25-40 cm (5-10g per plant)
  • 5 liters : suitable for plants up to 60-120 cm (10-30g per plant)
  • 11 liters et plus : check the variety description for expected average plant size (50-100g per plant)

By following these tips, you will be able to determine the ideal number of cannabis plants to grow in your indoor grow space.

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