20) How to cure your hash

April 08, 2024 2 min read

Hash Curing

How to Refine Your Hash for a Renewed Experience

If you are looking for a more intense and flavorful Hash consumption experience, the curing process is what you need. Here is a detailed tutorial for refining your Hash and intensifying its aromas.

When is it beneficial to refine your hash ?
Resin refining is particularly beneficial when your Hash is fresh, bright, firm, but its aromas are not yet fully developed. However, this technique is not suitable for lower quality or diluted resins.

Refining Process

  1. Stockage Sous Source Thermique : To obtain a crumbly, dry resin but rich in terpenes, it is recommended to store your Hash near a heat source, maintained between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Carefully wrap your resin in parchment paper to preserve its aromas.
  2. Vacuum Sealed or Cellophane Wrap : For maximum efficiency, you can vacuum seal your preparation or use cellophane wrap in addition to parchment paper. This will guarantee optimal conservation of terpenes.

Refining Duration:
The refining time varies depending on the type of resin, ranging from one day to one week. Monitor the evolution of your Hash carefully. Once it becomes creamy and moldable, or dry and crumbly depending on genetics, the curing process is complete.

Practical Example: Pakistani Hash Awal Namber Garda
Certain types of Hash, such as Pakistani Awal Namber Garda, are traditionally matured underground in animal skins at a moderate temperature and without light. This ancient method allows you to obtain a Hash of exceptional quality, rich in flavors and aromas.

After completing the refinement process, your Hash is ready to be stored for future use. Be sure to follow good storage practices to preserve its freshness and potency. (See the article on storage for more details.)

By following these simple steps, you can enhance your Hash consumption experience and take full advantage of its aromas and potency.

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