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April 08, 2024 3 min read

Curing Cannabis

Cannabis Curing: The Crucial Phase to Enhance Your Harvest !

Curing, an often underestimated but essential step in the cannabis production process, is a true centerpiece for unlocking the full potential of your final product. Find out why this delicate step is crucial to maximizing the organoleptic virtues of your cannabis.

How curing works ?
Curing is a process of refining cannabis after initial drying. Although some people think that cannabis is ready to consume immediately after drying, curing helps improve the quality of the harvest. What exactly does this process consist of ?

The initial drying aims to remove moisture from the buds, making the plants less vulnerable to fungi and pathogens. However, drying does not guarantee a smooth and pleasant smoke.
This is where curing gets interesting :by breaking down chlorophyll, it produces a smoother, more flavorful smoke. In addition, it helps degrade the compounds responsible for an unpleasant taste, thus enhancing the natural flavors of cannabis and preserving its terpenes. Finally, curing promotes a higher concentration of cannabinoids, thus providing more intense effects.

Ideal conditions for curing :
For optimal curing, it is essential to respect certain conditions :

  • Humidité : Maintain a humidity level between 55 and 62% in the jars.
  • Temperature : Store the jars at a temperature of approximately 23-27°C.
  • Storage : Use airtight glass jars and store them in a dark, cool, dry place.

How to cure your cannabis :

-Pots hermétiques : Once dried, separate the buds from the stems and place them in perfectly airtight glass jars, which are undoubtedly the most common method for curing cannabis. They are affordable and give excellent results.

- Jar maintenance : fill jars to 75% capacity, leaving some space at the top. Check the flowers daily for moisture and any ammonia odor, which indicates insufficient drying and the product is starting to mold.

- Opening time : Initially, open the jars 1 to 2 hours per day for the first week, gradually reducing the time over the following weeks. By the sixth week, 15 minutes of daily opening should be enough until satisfied and your cannabis can be stored cool in a dark, airtight place.

Following such a routine can take your cannabis from good to great, improving its taste, aroma and overall user experience when consuming it.

The first 12 hours of curing are very crucial. From the first opening you can really see which curing method to adopt, see example 1 (perfect) or example 2 (correct).

Example 1: From the first opening, the flowers have rehydrated collectively and lost their crunchy appearance.

-Week 1 : 1 to 2 hours of opening per day, stirring the flowers in the pot to separate them.
-Week 2 : 1 hour of opening per day, lightly stirring the flowers.
-Week 3 : 30 minutes to 1 hour opening per day.
-Semaine 4 : 30 minutes of opening per day.
-Week 5 : 15 to 30 minutes.
-Week 6 : continue as week 5 if necessary.

Example 2 : When first opened, the flowers are still generally dry and still have their crunchy appearance, close and wait 24 hours. If after 24 hours they have not rehydrated, it's too late... If rehydrated (squeeze the flowers to smell it)

-Week 1 : 1 hour of opening per day, lightly stirring the flowers.
-Week 2 : 30 minutes to 1 hour of opening per day, lightly stirring the flowers.
-Week 3 : 30 minutes of opening per day.
-Week 4 : 15 à 30 minutes.

To see when your flowers have dried, the only way is to crumble a head by hand to see its center

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