15) When to harvest cannabis without zoom

April 08, 2024 2 min read

Quand Récolter

When to Harvest Cannabis Without a Telescope: Maximizing Trichome Potency

After eight weeks of arduous effort, financial investment and meticulous attention, the crucial moment of harvesting your precious cannabis plants is fast approaching. But how do you know exactly when they are ready? We are here to guide you through this critical process by providing you with the keys to determining the ideal time to harvest, based on filament maturation and bulb explosion..

Read The Trichomes : A Guide to Peak Power
Cannabis harvest time is often overlooked, but it is an essential aspect of growing. Knowing when to harvest depends largely on the maturation of the trichomes, the little bubbles of resin that cover cannabis buds. To understand their state of maturation, here is what Robert Clark tells us in his book “The Botany of Cannabis”:

  • Resin bulbs are clear when they are still producing, indicating a maximum peak of THC production. At this point, THC production is at its peak, with CBD levels low and stable. Additionally, terpene production also reaches its peak, making the flower heads incredibly aromatic.

Choix Variétal et Effet Recherché:
The cannabis strain you grow plays a crucial role in harvest time. For example, Indica hybrids are often harvested when the trichome heads are fully formed but before they start to darken and become too brownish. This generally produces a cerebral, clear effect rather than a sedative effect.

To assess the ideal harvest time depending on the desired effect, observe the filaments of the buds :

  • Buds with light brown filaments will provide a sharper, more stimulating high, with less of a sedative effect. Now is the perfect time to harvest heavy Indica strains if you prefer to avoid being couch-locked. It should be noted that many Indicas will continue to flower after drying. (80% of the filaments are brown, 20% remain golden).
  • Buds with dark brown filaments, and fewer visible white filaments, probably represent the best time to harvest most hybrids currently available. (90-95% of filaments are brown, 5-10% are light brown).
  • Buds with entirely dark brown filaments, without any visible white filaments, are usually ready to harvest for late maturing Sativas, like Haze. This is also the optimal time to harvest if you plan to use the plant to make hash. (100% of filaments are brown).

By carefully monitoring the signs of trichome maturation and taking into account the desired effects, you will be able to accurately determine the optimal time to harvest your cannabis. Be patient and attentive to every detail, as it will make a huge difference in the quality of your final harvest.

Tip: The flower bulbs burst in the last two weeks. Wait to see what they really have in the bag before harvesting.

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