14) When to put your cannabis into flowering

April 08, 2024 2 min read

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When is the Best Time to Bloom Your Cannabis?

Embark on the exciting adventure of growing cannabis and you will quickly find yourself asking this crucial question: when to transition from the vegetative phase to flowering? Do not panic ! In this article, we will explore this topic in detail and guide you through the steps for a successful transition.

What Are We Talking About, Essentially? ?
Think of it as a dance between light and dark, where plants receive the signal to take the next step. The transition from the vegetative phase to flowering is a key stage in growing cannabis indoors. This is the time when your plants begin to focus their energy on producing delicious and potent buds.

Maximum Plant Height:
Space is king in the realm of indoor cannabis cultivation. Before you move on to flowering, make sure your plants have enough room to flourish without risking burning their precious buds. Keep an eye on the distance between your lights and the tops of the plants - a safety margin of 30cm is ideal to avoid any accidents.

Are You Growing Indica or Sativa ?
Understand the uniqueness of your plants. Indica strains are often more compact, while sativas can soar toward the heavens. Know your strain and adjust your plans accordingly. An indica may only gain 1x its height during flowering, while a sativa may double or triple in size. It's like each strain has its own personality - and it's up to you to tame it.

When to Move From One Phase to Another: Seeds vs Clones
Whether you start with fresh seeds or hardy clones, timing is everything. Make sure your plants are well rooted and ready to thrive before moving them to the next phase. Not before 8-10th floor according to us. Large, healthy leaves are a sign of the transition to the vegetative phase, but be attentive to the specific needs of your plants.

Different Duration Depending on Crop Style:
There are a multitude of methods for growing cannabis, each with its own rhythm and dynamics. Whether you opt for Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG), each growing style will have an impact on the length of the vegetative phase. Choose the method that best fits your yield and space goals.

Plant Size Will Vary:
Finally, remember that each plant is unique. Like living works of art, they respond to your attention and care. Take the time to observe and understand the individual needs of each plant. By pruning and training carefully, you encourage healthy growth and maximum yield.

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