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April 08, 2024 2 min read

Hash Par Pays

The Diversity of Hashish Across the World: An Exploration of Different Regions

Introduction :
Hashish, a concentrated form of cannabis, has been produced and consumed in many countries around the world for centuries. Each producing region has its own traditions, production methods, and cannabis genetics, leading to a wide diversity in the styles and qualities of hashish available in the global market.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating diversity of hashish across different regions of the globe. From the Himalayan mountains to the Moroccan Rif valleys, and through the Afghan plateaus, we will discover the specifics of each producing country or region, the cannabis genetics cultivated there, and the hash styles traditionally produced. This exploration will allow us to better understand the nuances and variations that make each type of hashish unique, offering a captivating insight into the culture and history of cannabis worldwide.

  1. Morocco
    • Genetics : Beldia, Rif
    • Hash Style : Dry Sift, Pollen Press, Moroccan Blonde, Royal Cream
  2. Afghanistan
    • Genetics : Afghan Kush, Mazar-i-Sharif
    • Hash Style : Charas, Afghan Black, Afghani Cream
  3. Pakistan
    • Genetics : Pakistani Chitral Kush, Hindu Kush
    • Hash Style : Charas, Pakistani Black
  4. India
    • Genetics : Malana Cream, Parvati Valley
    • Hash Style : Charas, Cream Hash, Finger Hash
  5. Nepal
    • Genetics : Nepalese Montain Ganja Landrace, Kathmandu Gold
    • Hash Style : Temple Ball, Nepalese Hash, Finger Hash
  6. Lebanon
    • Genetics : Lebanese Gold, Bekaa Valley Landrace
    • Hash Style : Red Lebanese Hash, Blonde Lebanese Hash
  7. Turkey
    • Genetics : Turkish Landrace
    • Hash Style : Turkish Red, Turkish Blonde
  8. Indonesia
    • Genetics : Aceh aka Atjeh, Sumatra
    • Hash Style : Aceh Gold, Sumatra Hash
  9. Colombia
    • Genetics : Santa Marta Gold aka Colombian Gold, Punto Rojo
    • Hash Style : Colombian Red, Colombian Cream
  10. Malawi
    • Genetics : Malawi Gold
    • Hash Style : Malawi Gold Hash, Malawi Black
  11. Jamaica
    • Genetics : Jamaican Sativa
    • Hash Style : Jamaican Red, Jamaican Black
  12. Ethiopia
    • Genetics : Ethiopian Highland
    • Hash Style : Ethiopian Hash
  13. Egypt
    • Genetics : Egyptian Landrace
    • Hash Style : Egyptian Hash, Egyptian Black
  14. Spain
    • Genetics : Old School Strains
    • Hash Style : Dry Sift, Bubble Hash
  15. Greece
    • Genetics : The Cretan, kalamata Red, Moliotiko, Arcadian, Athina north
    • Hash Style : Dry Sift (Kief)
  16. Albania
    • Genetics : Old School Strain (souvent venant d’italie)
    • Hash Style : Dry Sift
  17. USA
    • Genetics : New School Strains
    • Hash Style : Live Rosin, BHO

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