Chocolat Diesel

Hello to all the connoisseurs of smoked elegance! Immerse yourself in the gourmet experience of "Chocolat Diesel." This exceptional strain, born from the exquisite union of (Chocolope x Hemp) and Abacus, is like a luxurious tasting for the senses.

The large buds with purple highlights and crystallization are masterpieces, like violet diamonds in the realm of cannabis. The scent, an intoxicating fusion of chocolate and citrus, creates a sophisticated and gourmet atmosphere. A diamond straight from "Old Ironforge."

The sweet and sour taste is like a symphony on your palate, a taste experience that dances between elegance and decadence. It's a sensory adventure worthy of the finest gourmets.

With an elegant CBD content of 14.7% and a hint of THC at 0.71%, Chocolat Diesel is the perfect choice for those seeking a high-flying smoking experience. Get ready to savor the essence of sophistication.


Taste:Sweet and sour
Large buds with purple highlights, crystallized
Scent:Chocolate, Citrus

(Chocolope x Hemp) x Abacus
0,71%thc Approx.
14.7%cbd Approx.

Customer Reviews

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Fondant à souhait 🤎🤎🤎

Superbe qualité avec une odeur et un goût rare! Cette Chocolate est recommandée pour ceux qui aime les douceurs 🎯