Fruity Blue

Hello to the adventurers of exotic flavors! Get ready to explore the fantastic world of "Fruity Blue." This strain, born from the bold union of BlueBerry and the crossbreeding of (Abacus x Cherry), is a full-fledged taste adventure.

The small, potent, crystallized buds, like gems, unveil the exceptional quality of this strain. The scent, an intoxicating blend of wild berries, old BlueBerry by Dj Short, and a sea breeze, transports your senses to uncharted horizons. A true tropical cocktail.

The spicy and sweet taste is like a magical potion straight out of « Tracy (Zelda)»as if Noia is dancing on your palate. It's a symphony of flavors, a fireworks display of aromas that evoke the exploration of distant lands.

With a robust CBD content of 13.4% and a hint of THC at 0.54%, Fruity Blue is the ideal companion for those seeking an unforgettable sensory experience. Get ready to dive into this taste adventure.


Taste:Spicy, Sweet
Appearance:Small, potent, crystallized buds
Scent:Wild berries, BlueBerry, Ocean


Blueberry x (Abacus x Cherry)
0,54%thc Approx.
13.4%cbd Approx.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Quel Cocktail 💙

Fruitée à souhait! Continuez à nous amener des goûts unique!

Petit voyage pour Hawaii en 2 lates :-) Merci beaucoup

Fruity blue

C’est de loin la meilleur qualité que j’ai vue.👍👍👍

Wooaw merci beaucoup pour votre retour. Oui la Fruity Blue fume vraiment bien :-)