Unicorn Poo

Hello to the seekers of extreme and magical sensations! Get ready to be amazed by the enchanting power of "Unicorn Poo." This exceptional strain, born from the astonishing union of (Blue Cheese x Hemp) and Abacus, is like an enchanted potion for the senses.

The large, airy, crystallized buds are bright jewels, ready to unleash their magical power. The unique scent of unicorn poop creates a mystical atmosphere, inviting you to dive into a world where reality and fantasy meet. A bit like in "Snuggles the Unicorn."

The spicy, hot, and sweet taste is like a gustatory incantation that awakens your taste buds. It's an extraordinary sensory experience, a magical fusion of flavors that evokes the enchantment of fairy tales.

With a potent CBD content of 16% and a touch of THC at 0.68%, Unicorn Poo is more than just a flower; it's a mystical experience. Get ready to embrace the magic and be carried away by this unique sensory adventure.


Taste:Spices, Hot, Sweet
Large, airy, crystallized buds
Scent:Unicorn poop


(Blue Cheese x Hemp) x Abacus
0,68%thc Approx.
16%cbd Approx.

Customer Reviews

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Top !

La claque !
Elle est belle, elle sent bon, elle est costaud sans être agressive en bouche, savoureuse..
Franchement, une dinguerie !
Beau boulot.

Merci énorment pour votre avis. C'est vraiment une varitée unique :-)

Unicorn poo

La qualité est incroyable !!!

Merci beaucoup.