5) What PGR is?

April 08, 2024 3 min read


What is the PGR? And How to Detect It!

Introduction: PGRs, or plant growth regulators, are chemicals used in agriculture to modify the growth and development of plants. They can be used to stimulate growth, suppress excess growth, promote flowering or even delay plant aging. In this article, we'll explore what exactly a PGR is, their origin, their use in fertilizers, how to avoid them, and whether their presence can be detected in cultivated cannabis.

Origin and manufacture: PGRs can be chemically synthesized or derived from natural sources. Some PGRs are natural plant hormones such as auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin. Others are synthetic compounds designed to mimic the effects of natural plant hormones. PGRs are often produced on a large scale in industrial facilities and can be incorporated into various agricultural products, including fertilizers.

PGRs in fertilizers: PGRs are sometimes added to fertilizers to stimulate plant growth or improve their yield. They can be present in different types of fertilizers, including liquid fertilizers, granular fertilizers and even soil amendments. PGRs are often used in intensive agriculture to maximize production, but their use in fertilizers for cannabis cultivation may raise concerns due to their potential health effects.

Comment éviter les engrais ou produits avec du PGR: To avoid fertilizers or products containing PGRs, it is essential to read product labels and ingredients carefully before purchasing them. Look for certified organic products or natural fertilizers that do not include PGR in their formulation. If possible, opt for organic growing methods and use eco-friendly gardening techniques to promote healthy plant growth without relying on potentially harmful chemicals.

Is it possible to detect PGR in cultivated cannabis?
It is difficult to directly detect the presence of PGR in cultivated cannabis based solely on the appearance, smoke or ash of the final product. The effects of PGRs may vary depending on the concentration used and how they were applied. However, it is important to note that the presence of PGRs in cannabis may be associated with health risks, including adverse effects on the respiratory system and nervous system. Therefore, it is essential to choose safe and reliable sources of cannabis and favor organically and naturally grown products to minimize health risks.

Does PGR have a particular taste?
According to my experience which is not necessarily the most refined in products containing PGR but a great experience in the cultivation of cannabis and the taste that fertilizers can bring to cannabis. What shocks me the most is that fertilizers containing PGR do not provide an unpleasant taste like chemical fertilizers. Perhaps a bit plasticky or dull taste but not chemical like we used to smell with flowers on fertilizer with chemicals. In my experience, cannabis grown with PGR also retains its sweet taste like some mineral products. It is therefore very hard and above all misleading for a consumer to certify that a flower is grown under PGR.

The PGR and its Impacts on the Aspect of Cannabis: In my practice as a grower, I have noticed a significant evolution in the appearance of plants and in the quality of harvests, particularly with the emergence of new ranges of fertilizers on the market. Plants grown with plant growth regulators (PGR) or chemical fertilizers often have whitish-colored, hairy-looking trichome glands. In contrast, flowers grown organically or with mineral fertilizers retain shiny, translucent trichomes. This visual distinction can have a significant impact on the quality and properties of the final product.

Example Photos (PGR vs Natural comparison):

pgr vs organic


pgr flower
pgr bud
pgr cannabis


chemical grow
cannabis fertilizer
trichom pgr
trychom chemical


organique canna
100% organic
canna trychom
macro cannabis
top shelf
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cannabis zoom

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