2) What is No Till Liiving Soil?

April 08, 2024 2 min read

No Till Living Soil

How to Grow in Living Soil No-Till

The No Till Living Soil (or no-till cultivation with a living soil) is an innovative and environmentally friendly approach to cannabis cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors. Unlike traditional methods that involve regular soil tillage or changing soil in pots, No Till Living Soil relies on preserving the soil ecosystem and creating a fertile, sustainable environment for plant growth and flowering. This method aims to establish a natural cycle where each element of the soil complements another, thus ensuring sufficient richness in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.

No Till Living Soil Indoors :

In indoor culture, No Till Living Soil is often implemented in large pots (or raised beds) filled with a mixture of living organic soil. The goal is to recreate natural soil conditions by promoting the presence of a diversity of living organisms such as earthworms, bacteria, and beneficial fungi/mushrooms. Unlike conventional methods, no tilling is performed, thus preserving soil structure and maintaining an optimal biological balance for plants.

Super soil or Extra soil is not equivalent to no till living soil !!!

It is essential to understand that Super Soil or Extra Soil are not equivalent to No Till Living Soil. Although these blends can also be successfully used for cannabis cultivation, they represent a different approach. Super Soil or Extra Soil is a mixture concentrated with microorganisms and essential nutrients, activated in the days/weeks following the initial soil watering. However, the soil is often replaced or cleaned with each growing session, which is equivalent to tilling. Products like Totem Fertilizer offer a base to mix with soil to achieve Super Soil or Extra Soil.

Conclusion :

In summary, No Till Living Soil represents an innovative and environmentally friendly cultivation method, particularly recommended for outdoor culture. By promoting a living soil and avoiding tilling, this approach allows for the creation of a healthy and balanced ecosystem for cannabis plant growth. Although Super Soil or Extra Soil may also offer satisfactory results, especially in indoor cultivation, it is important to recognize the differences between these methods and choose the one that best suits your needs and cultivation goals.

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